4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Direct Sale Instead of a Arizona FBSO Listing

Choosing to forgo the services of a real estate agent and opt for an FSBO, or “for sale by owner,” is usually done in order to avoid paying those hefty commission fees. However, most sellers who go this route eventually come to understand why agents can demand such compensation. Here today we will delve into four areas where agents warrant their fee when selling properties and how a professional home buyer can save you the fee and the hassles.

If you are looking for a smooth and stress-free home buying experience, then engaging the services of professional home buyers is your best bet. After all, they can help save you time, energy and money! Find out how in this article as we share with you 4 areas where these professionals come in handy.

1. Preparations For The Sale

As the old saying goes, “if the barn needs painting, you better paint it” reflects how complicated selling a property can be if there is any need for repair. For those in Arizona pursuing FSBO (For Sale By Owner) efforts, the challenge to sell will be tremendous as close to 70% of these attempts don’t succeed due to various reasons. Although this approach requires substantial time and resources for making necessary improvements, having done so could make all the difference when finding success from your sale.

If you’re looking to sell your home but don’t have the capacity or inclination to make the necessary repairs, LRT Offers can help. We specialize in buying homes that are not aesthetically perfect. We want our clients’ properties regardless of whether they need decluttering and a fresh coat of paint. Save yourself time and energy with us while still receiving an attractive offer for your house!

2. Inspections and Repair Work

To guarantee a successful sale, whether it be through yourself as the FSBO or an agent from a real estate agency, your home must pass an inspection. For buyers using an FHA loan to purchase your property, the inspection and needed repairs can become even more comprehensive and expensive. Even the slightest repair might slow down your home selling process, and most FHA buyers don’t have enough funds to cover a major fix. To save you from dealing with that headache, LRT Offers gives a cash offer for homes “as-is” which negates any need for inspections or repairs. That way, you can get on with the sale of your home without worrying about costly fixes!

Remodeled Kitchen
At LRT Offers, Repairs and Remodeling Is Our Problem Not Yours

3. Advertising

When you partner with a real estate agent, you gain access to their powerful marketing and advertising resources. These professionals are experts in leveraging the latest online technology to showcase your property’s unique features to its ideal target audience. This ensures that qualified buyers interested in what your home has to offer will be able view it quickly and easily! Furthermore, these real estate listings are accompanied by beautiful images of the home that have been professionally staged and detailed descriptions to give buyers an accurate insight into the property. Again, you can do this type of marketing even as an FSBO listing, but the expertise needed is significant.

If you chose to work with LRT Offers, none of that is needed. We understand that you want a speedy and effortless purchase, so we don’t need elaborate descriptions or glossy photographs. We come to see it as-is and give you a fair all-cash offer. No FSBO headaches and no real estate agent fees.

4. Open House and Showing Events

When attempting to sell a home, frequently various showings and open houses are hosted in order to draw interest from potential buyers. These events necessitate consistent organization and coordination, which is included with realtor fees. However, if you choose the FSBO route all of this responsibility lands on your shoulders alone. Leaving you drained after having to tidy up every time someone wants an inside look at your house, particularly when it’s been sitting on the market for some time. Realtors provide relief by taking that burden off of homeowners’ backs!With a deal from LRT Offers, none of that is needed. No showings, no open house events, no hassle. Don’t be fooled by the lies about professional home buyers. Our process is uncomplicated, ethical, transparent and rapid. You can ignore staging your house for an FSBO open house or paying a realtor commission to get a satisfactory offer with normal closing. Before you make the realtor vs. FSBO decision, why not learn more about our process here and then contact us for a reasonable cash offer on your home?

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