Selling A House With Code Violations In Glendale AZ

Homeownership can be a challenging task, and nothing is more exasperating than discovering a code violation. Code violations not only cost you money to fix but also impede your ability to achieve whatever goal it is that you have set for yourself, whether it’s selling your house or something else entirely. Navigating code violations can be a perplexing and overwhelming experience for homeowners. With no clear direction on who to contact or the steps necessary, resolving these issues quickly is nearly impossible. From our own experiences with Glendale city codes, we have gathered notes that will help streamline the process of correcting any violations you may come across.

Know What City Department You Are Dealing With

Most likely if you have a code violation it is due to either some type of failed inspection or an event that triggered the city to issue the violation. The Glendale Code Enforcement Office is responsible for implementing the policies and procedures set by the government, including at the Arizona state and federal levels. Code Enforcement ensures a safe community by enforcing compliance with codes and investigating code violations. Most of the residential issues that we see will involve either the property maintenance group regarding upkeep or the building code unit for un-permitted work.

Work with the City to Resolve Issues

Selling a house with code violations doesn’t have to be difficult. The simplest and quickest way is to collaborate with your local government in resolving any existing infractions. Generally, issues that pertain to appearance can be swiftly rectified by simply taking some time out of your day for renovation on the exterior. Enhancing the property’s curb appeal by reducing any unnecessary weeds, cleaning up trash, and tidying up the area can assist in resolving past problems. Be sure to carefully inspect each violation closely to identify its fundamental cause. Code violations are a bit more troublesome as they may require major renovations for it to meet standards.


Working directly with the inspectors is often a successful way to resolve any potential issues. When you speak to them, it’s wise to jot down their response in order for your records; be sure you have paper and pen handy! It would also help if you review each violation carefully, asking what needs to take place precisely so that the violations can be lifted. In order to clarify any confusion, make sure you bring a licensed contractor with city credentials who can ask questions while inspecting the violation. When finished, ensure that your inspector gives you a written and signed report outlining exactly what is wrong with the property. Lastly, plan for a follow-up inspection at least after all of the work needed has been completed in order to remedy the situation.

Appeal to the City to Lift Violations

Once you’ve cleared all the violations, it’s time to appeal to the city and ask them to remove your citations. In preparation for their follow-up inspection of your home, make sure you have a copy of your initial walkthrough report at hand in case they attempt to add any additional items on the list. With this document handy, you’ll be able to combat any potential discrepancies swiftly and ensure that those pesky violations are lifted! We have seen numerous occasions when our inspectors identify additional issues upon a second examination. As the work should already be done to standard, we urge the city to immediately eliminate any code violations or even take care of them directly on-site. You will receive official confirmation in writing delivered by post at a later date.

Common Code Violations

  • Handrail height
  • Tempered Windows
  • Electrical Wiring Outdated
  • Water hose/bib connections
  • Old Oil Tanks
  • Lack of adequate Fire Alarms
  • Window Limiters
  • Drain Covers

Price the House To Sell Quickly

If you’re offering a house with code violations in Glendale, traditional buyers will most likely require that you significantly reduce the asking price for it to sell. When these shoppers choose houses, they have “move in ready” on their minds, meaning zero hassle homes. When the property issues are of a grave nature, many lenders will not approve a loan for it, as such you may have to settle with cash offers only. Plumbing and electrical difficulties, along with septic tank or zoning-related problems can be major sources of distress and red flags when dealing with lenders. Before you list the property or begin the process of selling it on your own, find out what we can offer you! Our background and experience allow us to economically fix up houses, typically at a lower price than if you were to do it on your own. This will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Why You Should Sell Your House Directly

Avoid the hassle of showings, marketing, staging and maintenance that come with listing your home on the MLS by opting out. Forget about the uncertainty of not knowing when your home will be sold or how much you’ll receive for it. With us, no more waiting and wondering! Selling your house in Glendale has never been easier. You won’t have to pay agent commissions, fees, or closing costs. Our selling process is simple, helping you to sell your house fast without any further aggravation… no matter what condition the property is in! If you inherited the property, let it sit vacant, or are just looking for a change, we can help! Don’t be shocked when you find out how effortless it is to sell your house with code violations in Glendale! Find out more about what you can do here.

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