People Tell Me I Can’t Sell My Arizona House Fast – But Is It A Myth?

People Tell Me I Can’t Sell My Arizona House Fast – But Is It A Myth?

Many people say, “people tell me I can’t sell my Arizona house fast,” and wonder if that’s true. Most people are under the impression that selling a property quickly anywhere is impossible. Arizona is no exception to the rule. Yet, that isn’t always the case.

Using A Realtor Isn’t Speedy

The reason why most people say that fast sales are impossible is because they’re thinking about selling through a realtor. In such cases, what they’re saying is true. You can’t sell your home quickly through a real estate agent. It just isn’t possible. Even the process of listing the property on the market takes time. Then it takes even more time to arrange viewings and deal with offers. Even after you accept an offer, it still typically takes time to complete. That’s because most buyers need a home loan. Getting the funds they need to buy your home takes around 90 days or more. Therefore, if you’re going down the realtor route for your sale, it’s true that it won’t be a fast process.

A Cash Sale Is Faster

It’s possible to speed up your property sale if you find a cash buyer. With no need to acquire a home loan, a cash sale can go through quickly. If the buyer has the funds available, completion can take around two weeks after you agree on the sale. But that still doesn’t guarantee a speedy selling process. If you’re using a realtor to find a cash buyer or are looking for one yourself, it still takes time. You still have to list and market your home. You still have to wait for prospective cash buyers to take an interest in your property. You still have to host viewings and deal with offers. Once you agree to a sale, things move more quickly, but you have to reach that point.

Selling To A Cash Home Buying Company

There is one option that results in a speedy home sale, though – selling to a cash home buying company. If you contact a cash home buying company like LRT Offers, you can sell your home in a few days. There is no need to create a property listing or host several viewings with different prospective buyers. A company representative makes a single visit to your home to give you your cash offer. You need waste no time in cleaning, tidying, repairing, or renovating your property. A cash home buying company buys your home “as is.” That’s great news if it isn’t in the best state of repair. The cash price you receive is for your home as it stands at that moment. You don’t need to replace the bathroom, fix the roof, or even clean your kitchen! If you agree to the offer, the sale completes in a few days. You receive your money right into your account, and you can move out straight away.

So, if you’re asking, “is it a myth that I can’t sell my Arizona house fast?” the answer is yes! Sell to LRT Offers, and you can move on in just a few weeks.

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