If I Sell My Property In Scottsdale, How Long Before I Get The Money? 

If I Sell My Property In Scottsdale, How Long Before I Get The Money?

Are you asking, “if I sell my property in Scottsdale, how long before I get the money?” Then it’s likely that you’re in need of the cash quite speedily. Perhaps you have some large debts to pay off and need to release the money tied up in your home. Maybe you need the money urgently because you’re late on your mortgage payments or so you can pay upfront for another place to live. You may even require the money to pay a large medical bill or finance a major purchase. There are many reasons why you may need the money from your home sale quickly. So, realistically, how long does it take to see the money in your bank account?

Selling Through Realtors Means A Long Wait 

If you sell through a realtor, you won’t see the money from your sale for some time. Selling through a real estate agent is always a slow process. Even preparing your property for sale is time-consuming. Listing your home, marketing it, showing possible buyers around, and dealing with offers all take time. Even after agreeing to a sale, you can still face delays. If your buyer needs a home loan (and most do), you have to wait for its approval. That could lead to the sale falling through even at this late stage if the situation changes. Sometimes, lenders change their minds about approving the loan. Even if the loan comes through as promised, it won’t appear immediately. Realistically, you’ll wait for at least 90 days if you go down this route.

Speeding Up The Process With A Cash Home Buying Company

There is a way, however, to get the money for your sale much more quickly. The answer lies in selling to a cash home buying company. That eliminates many of the factors that slow down your sale. You don’t need to prepare your home for the sale at all for a start. No cleaning, no renovating, and no repairs are needed. A cash home buying company purchases your house “as is.” Then there’s no need to list or market your property. Again, that saves time. You don’t need to show lots of possible purchasers around your property. Only one viewing is necessary so you can receive your cash offer. Finally, no home loan is needed as the company has funds ready and available. If you agree to the offer you receive, the sale goes through almost immediately. You receive your funds into your bank within just a few days. It’s the fastest way to sell. You can then spend your money from the sale however you wish.

LRT Offers Buys Your Home For Cash 

LRT Offers is the local cash home buying company in Arizona that you can trust. Countless homeowners sell their properties to us every year and are impressed with the service they receive. If you’re asking, “how long before I get my money if I sell my property in Scottsdale?” LRT Offers can answer. Agree to the cash offer, and you’ll receive your funds in around a week – it’s swift and convenient.

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