We Buy Houses In Chandler, AZ, And There Are No Closing Costs!

We Buy Houses In Chandler, AZ, And There Are No Closing Costs!

Here at LRT Offers, we buy houses in Chandler, AZ, with absolutely no closing costs. That’s excellent news for any prospective sellers who want to reduce the expense of selling their property.

Everybody knows that selling a home through a realtor is often expensive. Realtors usually charge hefty fees and commissions. Then, of course, there are closing costs to keep in mind. These can make selling your house even more costly.

Closing Costs – What Do They Include? 

We use the term “closing costs” to refer to any expenses, which arise while selling a property. Some of the possible inclusions are:

  • Valuation fees
  • Legal fees
  • Marketing fees
  • Listing fees
  • Realtor fees and commissions
  • Escrow fees
  • Courier fees
  • Transfer fees for a homeowners’ association
  • Taxes
  • Recording fees
  • Survey fees
  • Title search fees

With all of these in mind, it’s easy to see why selling a home is so expensive.

What Happens If I Sell To A Cash Buyer?

If you sell to a cash home buying company like LRT Offers, you benefit from no closing costs to pay. In traditional home sales, sellers must pay many of the closing costs. In some cases, it’s possible to negotiate with the buyer, but even so, sellers must bear some of the expense. Selling to a cash home buying company can save you all that money. LRT Offers covers the closing costs of the sale for you. Therefore, selling to us is a far more cost-effective way to sell. There’ll also be no realtors’ fees or commissions to pay.

The Other Benefits Of Selling To LRT Offers

Selling to a cash home buying company like LRT Offers saves you money on closing costs. However, there are other benefits too. Here are just a few of them:

  • Your home will sell in any condition. You don’t need to carry out any repairs or renovations.
  • Your sale goes through very quickly, so there’s no waiting around. That’s ideal if you need a swift move.
  • You receive the money into your account rapidly, ready to spend on anything you like.
  • |There’s no need to complete any paperwork as LRT Offers does it all for you.
  • You only need to host a single viewing before receiving your cash offer.
  • You don’t need to spend any time or effort dealing with realtors.
  • You can leave any items you don’t want to take with you in the property when you move out.

How Do I Sell To LRT Offers?

The good news is that it’s swift and easy to sell your home to LRT Offers for cash. The first step is to contact our friendly team today. We arrange a suitable time to visit your home. We take a look around and then give you a cash price that you can accept if you’re satisfied. If you agree, we’ll draw up the paperwork for you. Meanwhile, you can pack up and move out. We will pay the money into your account within just a few days.

Here at LRT Offers, we buy houses in Chandler, AZ, for cash so you can reap the benefits. Call us now to learn more.

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